Mar 24, 2017 07:30 PM

FREE consultation about how to pitch Venture Capital

When: 24th March 2017

Where: Uptown HK – Kennedy Town

Uptown are pleased to invite our members to join a FREE consultation about how to pitch Venture Capital, which will include:

  • A checklist that can’t be missed for your Pitch Book
  • In-depth case analysis for the successful local startup
  • Valuation VS. Equity

This consultaion is ideal for any of the following:

1. Anyone with an initial business idea

2. Startup entrepreneur, especially those who

a) confused about the valuation methodology of your own business/ product

b) searching seed investors and institutional investors

c) eager to get sketch of a professional pitch book for investors

About LionRock Consulting

LionRock Consulting Group help small and mid-sized startups to accomplish their fundraising goal by providing them a professional pitch book for investors.

Their group of consultants are dedicated professionals with experience in private equity, venture capital and equity research from multiple investment banks. Upon graduation from University of California, Berkeley, Mr. Robin Leung has worked in three investment banks in Hong Kong. He has also gained solid experience in private equity and venture capital.

Robin was exposed to projects ranging from pre-revenue stage to series D funding rounds and is familiar with different investment structures such as mezzanine debt, preferred equity, etc. LionRock Consulting helps startups to understand how to pitch their ideas in both qualitative and quantitative methods, from an investor perspective. Their niche is that they have strong connection with investors in Silicon Valley and together with the professional pitch book they deliver, they believe they could significantly increase the chance of securing funding for startups.