Jul 21, 2017 07:30 PM

Free Consultation For Startups Fundraising

When: 21st-28th July 2017 – 7.30-9.45pm

Where: Uptown HK – Block A, 2/F, Hong Kong Industrial Building, Kennedy Town, HK

Uptown are pleased to invite our members to join a FREE consultation about how to pitch Venture Capital, by LionRock Consulting Group

Who should attend?

1. Anyone with initial business idea

2. Startup enterpriser, especially those who are:

‧confused about the valuation methodology of your own business/product

‧searching seed investors and institutional investors ‧eager to get sketch of a professional pitch book for investors

Refreshments and Drinks will be provided

Mr. Robin Leung, Co-founder

Professional with experience in private equity and venture capital. Robin was exposed to projects ranging from pre-revenue stage to series D funding round and is familiar with different investment structures such as mezzanine debt, preferred equity, etc.