Cloud SaaS Apps For Your Success- Accounting & HR

July 18, 2018 7:00 PM

Cloud SaaS Apps For Your Success- Accounting & HR

About this event-

Not enough time, staffs and budgets - this is always what most startups face. You’ll never be trapped in these dilemmas when running your business with a great array of cloud SaaS tools.

This set of tools (infographic) will help you run and upscale your startup quickly - more than that, stay on top of the game at all times!

Cloud solution has always been a hot topic in the town. How can your startup business benefit from diverse cloud solutions? Join our speakers, get to know more about the advantages of cloud services, particularly in the aspects of accounting and HR. At the end of the day, you will surely realise the power of cloud solution and lock into it!

What's going to be covered-

- Why go cloud? 

- Top SaaS solutions for startups

- Get to know Xero (Best Accounting software in the world)

- Get to know HReasily (Fastest growing payroll software in Asia Pacific)

- Why you need a cloud consultant and how to get started?

- Where and how to get funding in Hong Kong

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