“Moving to the HK Uptown was one of the best decisions we made for the growth of our business. It’s a place we can be creative, collaborate and meet new businesses to build our network. We highly recommend Uptown Coworking space for any small business looking to take their business to the next level”
Amandine Azam

Founder & Creative Director, Treasure Me Creative

“As a new user to the Uptown facility, I feel the place is well managed. Staff have been friendly, very helpful and always react promptly on user's request or suggestions. The environment is neat and tidy. Lighting and air-conditioning are excellent. Other users in the facility are high quality business leaders or professionals from various industries. They are considerate and supportive to maintain a reasonably quiet and professional co-working space environment. Before I finished my one month first trial of the facility, I could quickly make the decision to sign up for a longer term contract.”
Peter Pin

Presales Technical Consultant, Asia, BSO Network

Raymond Yip-Circle
“Uptown is terrific, the co-working space gives us the social environment to interact with fellow founders to share ideas and expand our business. It creates opportunities for people to connect for collaborations and partnerships. Uptown puts great emphasis on user experience and a sense of community. Uptown really provides its members with value and resources. The team here is always friendly, helpful and attentive with very few distractions, so you get the support you need while being able to focus on your growing business. This is really the most important thing for any early stage entrepreneur.”
Raymond Yip

CEO & Co-founder, Clickful

“Uptown offers a nice place to work. The environment is light and comfortable. The staff are very friendly. It is a convenient location as well, just minutes away from the MTR station.”
Gary Lau

Director, Toasts Creative Company Limited

“Awesome workspace with great vibes and at an unbeatable price. Located near the MTR station plus the staff are friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this place”
Chris Choi

CEO Scribe Intelligence

“Gd location since I live in K-town.
Mini storage on the same floor idea for storing stocks
Friendly people and nice food
Happy hour with different food every week
Easy to build a relationship with other members”
Joey Yeung

Director E-talent Fashion

Heather Lo ( Marketing Associate- Clickful)
“- Uptown co-workshop has a friendly community
- The happy hour provides a nice environment for networking
- Staffs at Uptown are really nice and are always here to help”
Heather Lo

Marketing Associate Clickful

Geoffrey carpila
“Uptown major strength is without any doubt the flexibility of the team and the offer. Whatever the size of your company and whatever specific needs you have, Uptown will help to make your business grow peacefully.
Location, design, coffee, happy hour and service is great. I do recommend.”
Geoffroy de Villele

Sales Manager, Carlipa Asia Ltd

“Uptown provides us with a great connection backing our funding for the feedback and marketing. Their support really means a lot to us, they build an awesome community. Their staff are helpful and cater to all their member needs.”
Lawrence Lau

CEO & Co-founder, Keychainpay

small p
“Uptown is a great environment to evolve in. Great location, very friendly and helpful team. Highly recommend for people who want peaceful area to work in.”
Pierre- Louis Raison

Area Sales Manager, Carlipa Asia Ltd

“The staff at Uptown are wonderful. They're essentially a mini supporting staff for me - from receiving packages to greeting guests, they will go the extra mile to assist on every task. I would highly recommend any entrepreneurs that are working from home to consider Uptown - your productivity will skyrocket!”
Sarita Chu

Assistant Project Manager, Dreams Lab Ltd

“Uptown is a working space with its own personality when it comes to service. For a small start up business it offers a full valued added service. Uniquely to other working spaces the different teams co-exist in both a professional and personal capacity which Uptown encourages. The culture in Uptown is very much a reflection of the people that run it.””
Karl Davis

Managing Director, H&BA Transformational Solutions

“- Cozy and friendly staff and members
- Love the happy hour where you can enjoy food and networking
- Multicultural yet friendly
- easy to communicate among members, no distance”
Candy Tang

Founder LT Heyday

“- Fast internet
- Happy hour is good”
Kit Tsang

Software Engineer Moovup

“The true value that Uptown provides is its people, resources and support for startups and small businesses.”
Jonah Lau

CTO Clickful